Friday, June 5, 2009

My Jaffa Friend

``Good photography is about
capturing a moment and
getting a good sense of
composition. It's also about
getting the right angles and not
having everything completely
in the centre.'
This advice comes from
Kowhai Intermediate School
student Tim.
Armed with his dad's Fujifilm
SLR camera, the 12-year-old
hunts around the school grounds
for interesting and unusual
objects to capture on film.
``I like taking pictures of plants
and people. It's really exciting
when you take a photo and are
pleased with it,' he says.
Tim and his friend, Jordan
, 11, are among 15
students from the Mt Eden
school who are preparing for
Auckland Photo Day - an annual
competition open to all
Aucklanders to go out and
capture their city this Saturday
Kowhai Intermediate computer
and graphics teacher, Tom
Mackintosh, says his class
has loved preparing for the
event. ``The kids have really
enjoyed getting out there and
taking pictures around the
school. They get really excited
when they've captured
something and get to look at it
on the screen.'
The Aucklander's chief
photographer, Kellie Blizard, is
one of the three judges. ``We look
for something original and
visually exciting,' she says. ``I've
been a judge for the past three
years and it's amazing how the
standard has kept getting higher.'
This year's top 30 entries will
feature in an online exhibition.
Kowhai Intermediate students
will be joined by pupils from 17
other Auckland schools.
Auckland Photo Day is part of
the Auckland Festival of Photography.
More information:
04 06 2009

The cool thing is I know Tim as a really close friend. I think its cool he is entering a photography contest. if anyone whats to check out his blog its at .