Thursday, February 12, 2009

my familys cats

Mum has always been an animal person so she chose to raise us around animals so we would treat them well as we got older. We currently have two cats.

That big gray one is mums blue Burmese Goliath. We got him of Nana her neighbor was moving and he wasn't aloud any animals at his new place. So Nana called us and asked if we wanted a big gray Burmese and we said yes. Hes now ours and he has lost 2KG since we got him.

That small black one is named Licorice. He was a stray off the streets. he had kitten flue so he snuffles quite allot but he cant help it. But no matter where he came from hes my cat and i love him heaps!!


Beware: This creature may be cute but don't let looks fool you.

Enstraya can be deadly when annoyed.

Its tail can be used as a whip. Like a cat its claws are most of the time sheathed it will only unsheathe them when climbing or attacking an enemy. It also has a very powerful kick.

The Enstraya can almost always be found near a source of water. It only lives in ether trees or well covered bushes.

It's life span is unknown.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hi All

Hi everyone this is my first blog

I didn't really need permission to make it as my dad has been telling me to make a blog for so long.