Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Cristmas

Friday, November 27, 2009

Damn I hate when people do this

I hate it when people call me a boy seriously. I just walked into a WLUG BBQ and I went to get some sprite (I had just biked about 3 K) and some complete ****** says to me " Your not allowed that young man its only for members" so to that I replied " For your information 1 im a female 2 I dont recall you raising me so I dont think you have any right to tell me what I can and cant do and 3 My father oganised this so really I have just as much right as you do to this food and drink" If we hadn't been in a church I don't know what I would have done to him.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


This is my report on the differences of Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman.
I'm sorry its not a work of art I have been a little busy of the past few weeks. But I will improve as time goes on.

First I'll do the similarities of the two then differences.

The first i noticed (this is also most obvious) there both programmers of free software.
But here are some more: They both have masters in computing and science. Both are software engineers.They both had there first interactions with computers without mothers or fathers involved.

Some differences are Richard was born in New York and went to Harvard where as Linus was born in Finland and went to the university of Helsinki. Linus is married with kids Richard Doesnt have ether.

More updates tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Consumer guarentees act

This post is about the consumer guarantees act.

The act was put in place to stop faulty and unfair selling and buying of goods.

The act covers:
  • Goods of a type normally buy for ordinary household or personal use.
  • New and used goods bought on or after 1st April 1994
It does not cover:
  • Goods bought but action of tender
  • Goods bought from a private seller
There are a number of remedies dependent on the situation. Whether the object is broken or not how serious the problem is.

Most of this is from the ministry of consumer affairs.

Kia ora CD

This term at school we are being entrepreneurs and marketing our own products. Mine is Kiaora CD. Its a free software site but the free does not refer to the price but the freedom to change the software. The URL for the site is

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Jaffa Friend

``Good photography is about
capturing a moment and
getting a good sense of
composition. It's also about
getting the right angles and not
having everything completely
in the centre.'
This advice comes from
Kowhai Intermediate School
student Tim.
Armed with his dad's Fujifilm
SLR camera, the 12-year-old
hunts around the school grounds
for interesting and unusual
objects to capture on film.
``I like taking pictures of plants
and people. It's really exciting
when you take a photo and are
pleased with it,' he says.
Tim and his friend, Jordan
, 11, are among 15
students from the Mt Eden
school who are preparing for
Auckland Photo Day - an annual
competition open to all
Aucklanders to go out and
capture their city this Saturday
Kowhai Intermediate computer
and graphics teacher, Tom
Mackintosh, says his class
has loved preparing for the
event. ``The kids have really
enjoyed getting out there and
taking pictures around the
school. They get really excited
when they've captured
something and get to look at it
on the screen.'
The Aucklander's chief
photographer, Kellie Blizard, is
one of the three judges. ``We look
for something original and
visually exciting,' she says. ``I've
been a judge for the past three
years and it's amazing how the
standard has kept getting higher.'
This year's top 30 entries will
feature in an online exhibition.
Kowhai Intermediate students
will be joined by pupils from 17
other Auckland schools.
Auckland Photo Day is part of
the Auckland Festival of Photography.
More information:
04 06 2009

The cool thing is I know Tim as a really close friend. I think its cool he is entering a photography contest. if anyone whats to check out his blog its at .

Monday, May 11, 2009

whoop whoop!!

Just got my new MP3/4 player. It's small and silver and its got 4 gigabytes of memory. Awesome.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Yay V8's

How many of us are going to the V8's this weekend. My 2nd cousin (Dean Calvert) organized it all so my family and I got free tickets.
He's on the left in this picture

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace is one of the most important (Even though she's dead) woman in the world. She invented computer programing before computers were even invented! She was a great mathmation and belived that every child shoud have the right to an education.

Here are some sites about her

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Favorite Animal

Wolves are my favorite animal and I just wanted to share some facts about wolves.

1) The wolf has one of the widest ranges of size, shape and color of any mammal in North America
2) The main threat to wolf populations is loss of habitat
3) In chases, the wolf can achieve estimated speeds of between 28 and 40 miles per hour for up to 20 minutes
4) Lone wolves have no social territory and rarely scent-mark or howl
5) All members of a wolf pack take part in caring for the young
6) There are two species of the wolf in North America, the Gray Wolf (Canis lupus ) and the Red Wolf (Canis rufus )
7) The "beta" wolf is the second ranking individual within the dominance hierarchy
The "omega" wolf is the lowest ranking individual within the dominance hierarchy
8) Three (3) geographic races of the red wolf have been recognized; the Florida Red Wolf, The Mississippi Red Wolf and the Texas Red Wolf
9) Adult male wolves average ninety-five to one hundred pounds and females about fifteen pounds less
10) Wolves are active at all times of the day in winter

There are some of the coolest facts about wolfs.

But one thing you must always remember the Black Wolf is coolest of them all.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Open your eyes

I have a message about this "vaccine" the government are giving us to help avoid HPV. I did a little research on this so called "vaccine". I have learnt that after have the injection some girls have been crippled and others have died. One story is of a girl named Amanda. She used to be very active until she had the HPV vaccine from her school nurse. Amanda is constantly sick and she can barely go to school any more. NVIC are still receiving reports from grieving mothers and fathers about their child being chronically ill after having the gardasil immunization.

There is more information about all this on the website below

Friday, March 13, 2009

school camp

Were all back from camp now. Mr Woody didnt play any tricks on us (well the girls anyway). The boys got put outside. The girls stayed in nice warm beds. Yes camp was good. There were allot of walks. It was allot of fun ill tell you all more later when im at home.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Camp on Sunday. Meaning one whole week without school or uniform. The worst part is that we have mr Woody and his tricks on camp with us. Just joking. But still camp is going to be fun.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Favourite Artist

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most famous artists in the world. He did the Mona Lisa protrait. He drew the last supper. He even did Lady with an Ermine in Cracow.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

my familys cats

Mum has always been an animal person so she chose to raise us around animals so we would treat them well as we got older. We currently have two cats.

That big gray one is mums blue Burmese Goliath. We got him of Nana her neighbor was moving and he wasn't aloud any animals at his new place. So Nana called us and asked if we wanted a big gray Burmese and we said yes. Hes now ours and he has lost 2KG since we got him.

That small black one is named Licorice. He was a stray off the streets. he had kitten flue so he snuffles quite allot but he cant help it. But no matter where he came from hes my cat and i love him heaps!!


Beware: This creature may be cute but don't let looks fool you.

Enstraya can be deadly when annoyed.

Its tail can be used as a whip. Like a cat its claws are most of the time sheathed it will only unsheathe them when climbing or attacking an enemy. It also has a very powerful kick.

The Enstraya can almost always be found near a source of water. It only lives in ether trees or well covered bushes.

It's life span is unknown.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hi All

Hi everyone this is my first blog

I didn't really need permission to make it as my dad has been telling me to make a blog for so long.